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The Mandala Colouring Book: Secret Symbols in Art
Mandalas and inspirations from the fine arts to ensure your spiritual growth

Tamara Fonteyn
Binding: Hardcover
Extent: 108 pages
Format: 230 x 300 mm
ISBN: 978-1-910538-15-9


This beautiful book contains 90 mandalas (black contours printed on thick paper with white off set colouring) inspired by great works in visual art history. The mandalas are organised into nine chapters, according to the time and artistic movement that inspired them: visual images used for meditation in Buddhism and Hinduism, religious iconographic traditions of the Middle Ages, Italian painting of the Renaissance, baroque artwork represented by Flemish artists, the French school of the 17th century, the decorative motifs of Islamic art, Impressionism, Art Nouveau and the Naïve painters. The pictures that have inspired the mandalas in this book mainly refer to secret gardens, plant motifs, enchanting birds, animals, still life, portraits, allegories and especially flowers. The quest for beauty, captured in various floral patterns, is the unifying motif of the mandalas in this book. However, the floral-inspired motifs contribute the strongest support for relaxation and meditation. Colouring flowers relieves stress, provides access to inner calm and allows you to rediscover the pleasure of creating. But this book has an even greater scope. This is also an opportunity to decode the hidden meaning in these great works of art. What distinguishes this book, its secret and fascinating themes, are symbols from the history of art. Each chapter opens with a presentation of the period in history from which the works were taken and this period’s pictorial symbols. They conclude with an interpretation of the hidden meaning within the mandalas.

The large format, coloured hardback and thick, high-quality paper advantages that promote the use of different colouring techniques: pencils, markers, pastels, watercolour, ink and acrylic paint, including felt-safe transfer. This book is for all those who love drawing and colouring, novice or experienced, in search of relaxation and interested in exploring the secrets of visual art history.

The Mandala Colouring Book: Secret Symbols in Art

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