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Castles and Palaces of Europe
Anne de Kersaint
Illustrations: Kasia Cerazy, Sylvie Malon
Age: 4–99
Binding: Paperback, Saddle Stitching
Extent: 52 pages + card insert with a cut-out model
Format: 205 x 285 mm
ISBN: 978-1-910538-22-7


This colouring and activity book features some of the most beautiful European castles and palaces: Windsor (one of the residences of England’s royal family), Blenheim (residence of the dukes of Malborough), Caernarvon (a castle built by King Edward I), Stirling (seat of the coronation of several Scottish kings and queens), Blarney (one of the castle’s stones is said to be capable of bestowing the talent of eloquence), and in France, Foix (a castle full of legends nested in the Pyrenees mountains) , Fougères (one of the largest medieval fortresses), Sully-sur-Loire (a palatial, seigniorial residence) and Chenonceau (a bridge-like castle spanning the Cher river), Vaux le Vicomte (a masterpiece of Classicism), Fontainebleau (a Renaissance palace built by King Francis I of France), Chambord (the largest castle in the Loire valley, designed by Leonardo da Vinci), the Louvre (a palace of the kings of France, famous as a world-class museum), Versailles (the palace of King Louis XIV of France), as well as Malbork in Poland (the seat of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order), the Doge’s Palace in Italy (the residence of the supreme authority of Venice), the Winter Palace (the residence of the Russian tsars) and Neuschwanstein in Germany (Ludwig II of Bavaria’s palace—Disneyland’s original inspiration).

Each castle or palace is presented over 2 to 4 pages, and this includes 1 to 2 pages of colouring activities, a brief history and legend connected with the castle, illustrated for another colouring activity.

Penny Hue, Dorian the Historian and Lenny Legend are three characters that accompany the child throughout these colouring and reading activities, adding both animation and solemnity to their exploration. They hide, play and comment: speech bubbles appear throughout the book. A very special folding model is featured on the central pages of the book: a colourful miniature 3D-model of the Vaux le Vicomte castle.

Castles and Palaces of Europe

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