Young Readers

20 Bedtime Stories
Tamara Fonteyn
Illustrations: Marta Dlugolecka, Jack Beetle
Age: 3–5
Binding: Hardcover
Extent: 160 pages
Format: 250 x 250 mm
ISBN: 978-1-910538-50-0
Also available:  e-book


This beautiful book contains what children love to see and hear and also, what parents love to read!

Children and parents together will be moved by the love story of Theo the bumblebee and his caring mother, they will beam at Teddy the bear’s sentimental woes, they will appreciate the words of wisdom of Pipo the farmer, they will reflect upon the meaning of friendship as it is unravelled in Johnny’s forest adventure, they will frown upon the excessive zeal exhibited by Papa Rooster, they will follow closely the career of Gertrude the turtle as she struggles to become a celebrity, they will wonder whether Brigitte the bee is working too hard, they will discover with joy a new manifestation of the goodness of fairies, they will be happy to witness the metamorphosis of a scarecrow into a new being generous to birds and mice, and they will fall prey to anger at the injustices committed by three mighty rascals. Chills of pleasures will embrace them as they watch the virtuous Teal Hattie face the evil of her witchy aunts. The story of a nightingale in search of harmony in a choir, of a nature walk in search of treasures, of the sporting prowess and troubles of a snake cyclist, of a war waged between ants and bees, of a surreal prank pulled by Paint Fairies, of an unusual trade between a snowman and a rabbit, of a voyage of realisation of lifetime dreams, of a standoff between wolves and a prince, and of the adventure of a carefree colt: all tales will edify and appease its readers in anticipation of sweet dreams.

The surprising relevance of these small stories in today’s world has a wonderfully classic touch as each promises an endearing little grin, a beautiful ending and a clear moral message.

20 Bedtime Stories

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